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Thread: Tips On SmokinTex Smokers

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    Default Tips On SmokinTex Smokers

    Wood Types
    All the SmokinTex manuals have a section on wood types (apple, cherry, hickory, etc.) and the type we recommend with what meat or fish. As for chips, pellets, or chunks we recommend chips or chunks. If you use chips put heavy-duty aluminum foil in the bottom of the wood box, puncture it where the large holes are in the wood box so the smaller chips don’t fall through. We also sell a wood chip insert for the wood box on We have no opinion on wood pellets yet. We are testing some now to form an opinion but not there yet. We know that you will use a lot less volume with pellets. Whether you use wood chunks or wood chips, the volume used is the same. Do not soak wood chunks or chips no matter what the instructions on the container of chips or chunks says. SmokinTex smokers need dry wood only.
    Recipes are in all manuals and available on under Recipes. We also sell a jerky dryer that cuts time considerably. In addition, there are some contributed recipes in the forum under “Jerky”. Luke Clayton and others have contributed some good ones.
    We have an upcoming newsletter from Chef Sandy on jerky. Also, check the which you can get to from the front page of our web site.
    Cold Smoke Recipes
    There are some good ones in the manuals online and in the recipe section on our web site. We also have them in the cold smoke plate we sell.
    Cold Weather Operation
    Nothing special to do here except keep the smoker dry and covered when not in use. A customer from Alaska says it was no problem to smoke at 30 degrees below zero.
    Temperature Gauges
    The ones that have a probe that can go into the smoke hole to go into the meat are found at any cooking store or section of department stores. We sell a dual probe thermometer and soon will carry more. If you like to cook to the temperature of the meat these are a big help.
    Injecting Meats
    Go ahead. That gets into a taste question. There are many types of injections you can use out there and all we’ve used work fine in your SmokinTex smoker. Adding another flavor to your foods is always a great idea. Again, the manuals have some suggestions and hopefully others on the forum or blog will too. When you find a good recipe or brand let us know and please post it on the SmokinTex forum or blog.
    Using Aluminum Foil
    There is a great blog on using aluminum foil and includes other maintenance tips. All manuals also address this.
    When to use the second wood box on the 1500, 1500C and 1500CXLD
    Only one wood box is needed for wood use, but you can use the second one if you want that red ring around your meats. You can add a couple of charcoal briquettes in there to get that effect. The second wood box is really to protect the second heating element.
    Instruction Video
    We want to do it in the future. Luke Clayton has a SmokinTex smoker instructional video here. You may want to look at it.


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    If you enjoy the charcoal flavor in your bbq but dont want a smokering just light the charcoal (covered in white ash) before you add it to the woodbox.


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    Default Thank you!

    A sincere Thank You, for taking the time to respond to several questions that have been asked. I wish that manual was as complete as the reply seems to indicate. The Smok'in Tex smoker is dollar for dollar simply is the best electric smoker on the market. And with this type of quality in a smoker it would great to show to those that purchase one and to other interested smokers the versatile range of things that can be accomplished by this smoker. Yes, it may take the purchasing of optional equipment but then you are moving into categories of abilities that far exceeds most smokers on the market. I have the manual it is a great start but I trust that future manuals are more expressive of the smokers diversified capabilities.

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