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Thread: I've been converted!!

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    Default I've been converted!!

    Been doing ribs for several years in offset smokers and after trying the 3-2-1 method I thought I would never do ribs any other way. Got my 1400 earlier this year and had done all ribs that way. Yesterday I was doing 4 racks of St Louis and didn't feel like wrapping, especially given the fact it was pouring all day. Having read on here about how moist it keeps ribs I decided to go the whole time unwrapped.

    All I can say is WOW. The 3-2-1 produces a rib that does fall off the bone but yesterday's results produced a rib that was better described as "pull" off the bone. Now I understand competition comments about not done to the point they fall off the bone. More of a firm feel in a great way and I really can't begin to describe how juicy they were - literally oozed out.

    I would tell anyone with a tex if you haven't given unwrapped ribs a chance - do it.
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    ...and the congregation responded "AMEN!!"

    another successful baptism by Smoke.
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    I second that, Jim! "Amen!!!"
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