I have a Smok'in Tex 1500. I purchased it three years ago from Smok'in Tex. What a difference it has made in the ease of cooking and the consistent taste of BBQ it delivers. I have cooked as many 10 butts at one time and 18 slabs of ribs vertically another time.
I had one the main meals at my wife's family reunion this last summer and they couldn't get enough. I gave away the all leftovers to the relatives that couldn't get enough during the meal.
I am going to sponsor a block party this next summer for the folks on the block I live. I am a newbie on the block. The menu will be ribs, pulled pork and smoked beans along with my wife's cheesy potatoes. There will be from 60 to 75 people there. I believe this will put a smile on their face and a memory in their mind. Maybe that way there will be no complaints when I start up my smoker in this addition of town...only longing inquisitive stares and the silent whisper..."I wish I had a smoker like that!"