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    Default smoked tomatoes

    Take a nice sized tomato--leave skin on and core it a little more then 1/2 way out---rub outside with olive oil
    I don't know if everybody can find this but south Louisiana we have chopped mix of onions/bell peppers/garlic/etc called Guidrys you can buy in local stores--if not just chop up and onion/garlic and bell pepper--in a skillet with a little olive oil I slightly cooked the onion mixture and real bacon bits---let them cool and stuffed the mixture into tomatoe leaving a little room in each one---I then placed seasoned feta cheeze on top of the onion mixture and topped it off with a little fresh bazil--smoked them for about 2 hours around 225 with very small amount of pecan wood---smoked some mushrooms at the same time--had both with a steak-- very good

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    sounds awesome. going to give this one a try. thanks for the post
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    Wow!! Those sound fantastic!!
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    I'd try that out!

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