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Thread: Smoked Blue fish and Mackerel

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    As a Texan I am hardwired for smoke but a move to DC even with a roof top deck pushed me away from charcoal and wood to gas, a place that saddened me. When my buds in Austin suggested I consider a SmokinTex 1400 my life was changed and smoke came back into my life. Ahhh. I have been smoking up a storm these last months but happened on a recipe for brining our seasonal catch of Blue Fish (and Mackerel) and then letting the fish sit out (or in the fridge) for 3-5 hours after taking out of the brine. I think this step helps with providing an additional moisture barrier. I go with an hour at 200 and an additional hour or a little less at 150 and have had brilliant results. I have been tinkering with different types of wood starting with hickory but migrating to apple. Likely to try pecan today.

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    Did you try out the pecan wood? How did they turn out? Any pics? I usually use alder when smoking fish. I smoked some Mahi Mahi using apple wood. Turned out great.

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    The pecan worked great. I need to find some alder as I know it's a preferred would from NW/AK. I will get some pics. I left the fish upstairs on the deck in a covered bbq pit for 6 hrs or so after a 12 hour brine and the fish was so moist. The Mack was milder than the Blue as you would suspect but bother were awesome. Once the fish came on I put on a pork loin which had been brined for two days. After 2.5 hours at 225 it was reading 155 which was perfect. Thought the pork would take longer to be honest. What are you tricks with Mahi or other fish?

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    Would appreciate the ingredients for brine. Lots of saltwater species up here in N.Y. Would like to do Stripers next season. Do you use a cure inyour brine?

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