As a Texan I am hardwired for smoke but a move to DC even with a roof top deck pushed me away from charcoal and wood to gas, a place that saddened me. When my buds in Austin suggested I consider a SmokinTex 1400 my life was changed and smoke came back into my life. Ahhh. I have been smoking up a storm these last months but happened on a recipe for brining our seasonal catch of Blue Fish (and Mackerel) and then letting the fish sit out (or in the fridge) for 3-5 hours after taking out of the brine. I think this step helps with providing an additional moisture barrier. I go with an hour at 200 and an additional hour or a little less at 150 and have had brilliant results. I have been tinkering with different types of wood starting with hickory but migrating to apple. Likely to try pecan today.